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Welcome to Lightning Track.

Latest Equipments with Trusted Service

Lightning track is a innovative roadside assistance app currently operating in the us. We pride ourselves on helping you in any given road side emergencies.

All of which is listed in our website. One of our key and free features to our users/future users is our 911 service through the app. When you call 911 through the Lightning Track App the operator will already have your name,number and exact location.this allows critical time to be saved and to give you immediate assistance.rather than traditional 911 calls on your phone that will connect you with a operator that will ask all these questions to get you help but loose precious time that’s needed in serious emergencies.Sign up with Lightning track it could save your life.

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Roadside Assistance App
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Trust and Service is our Priority

Are you stuck on the side of the road? Get help quickly - tap your phone! Then, click a button on the Lightning Track app to connect with a nearby service provider. Whether it’s a towing, tire change, lockout, out of fuel, roadside assistance, etc.

Roadside Assistance App
Emergency Service App

Latest Equipment

We use the latest equipment to provide efficient and precise service to customers service request.

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Expert Service Providers

We have the best experts to provide you with 5 star service.

Roadside Assistance App

Quality Services

We provide prompt and efficient service to our customers.

Roadside Emergency App

Save Time & Money

Using the LT app in an emergency can save your time & money.

Emergency Calls 24/7

Road assistance service is a must for everyone. It’s not just about getting your car fixed, it’s about getting you back on the road.

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Roadside Assistance App

What Our Happy Clients say

Roadside Assistance App Emergency Response App
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Roger Federic

Lightning Track is so fast and reliable to get help when needed. I got fixed my car battery in 30 minutes. Thank you again.

Quick Response App

Maria Jones

Lightning track app is easy to use. Their service is speedy, and you can track tow trucks on the app.

Roadside Assistance App

Scott Kelly

Flat Tire emergency no more waiting for hours for help. Instead, the safest way to get quick help is utilizing the Lightning Track app.

Roadside Assistance App

Ervin Marshall

I get someone at my car with gas in 20 min! Very fast. Thanks, Lightning Track, for getting me back on the road quickly!

Roadside Assistance App

Jason Calvert

Lightning Track helps me lockout emergencies on the highway and get a locksmith on my location within minutes.